Nest Wise Origins - How it Began
Nest Wise Origins - How it Began

Alison and Sean have moved around quite a bit over the years and very often needed to rent properties. They were never able to find a rented property that really inspired them or had a quality finish, often having to change many things in order to bring it up to a reasonable standard.

They decided that they wanted to create beautiful homes for both the rental and resale market, somewhere they would also be happy to call home.

They set about looking for properties that they could refurbish to a high standard for their own portfolio. These were 'bread and butter' single buy to lets. Although this may not sound like the most appealing strategy to many people, there is a lot to be said for providing a beautiful end result and knowing how rewarding it is for families to move into great spaces.

Alison and Sean built a great relationship with local estate agents and were being offered more properties than they could purchase so they decided to create a company that could source properties for other investors. Over a relatively short period, this developed into a powerful team of financial, legal and refurbishment specialists who could offer truly hands-free investment opportunities to all their clients.

Alison Forsey, co-founder of Nest Wise said: "It's been a whirlwind start to the business and my feet haven't touched the ground! I am really looking forward to making this a family business and having our children on board would be amazing. I really would be thrilled if we could create a legacy that we can pass on to our children in years to come when we are ready to step down, for now I have to ensure I keep Sean in check with all the finance and admin work as he always leaves this until last!"

"I really would be thrilled if we could create a legacy that we can pass on to our children in years to come"

The husband and wife team live, invest and source properties in and around some of the most picturesque valleys of South Wales between Cardiff and Swansea. They are currently serving investors from all over the UK and beyond and would be happy to hear from anyone interested to find out more about what they do and how they can help create fantastic returns on investments.

The business has already gained an impeccable reputation, and the team is growing. After a great start to their journey, the future looks bright for Nest Wise. Sean Forsey, co-founder of Nest Wise said "Alison and I are excited for the future of Nest Wise and the directions it may take us in. I am always coming up with fresh ideas of how we can improve the client experience and how we may be able to diversify into other services that we can offer. The focus for now is growing our service offering and eventually getting a bigger team on board. I'm not a fan of all the paperwork but love being in the limelight and talking to investors."